Programming Note: Darts and Letters is off. We are producing a new season on Cited Podcast, which is called “the Rationality Wars“.

Kermit’s Tears: Rightwing Politics

  • Thumbnail for EP26: The French Connection (ft. Jean-Yves Camus, Matt McManus, & Joe Mullhall)

    EP26: The French Connection (ft. Jean-Yves Camus, Matt McManus, & Joe Mullhall)

    The national security state is alive, well, and growing. By weaponizing the threat of right-wing extremism, governments are building out their post-9/11 securitization projects. The far-right, however, is dangerous and does need to be stopped. But not with old strategies and tactics that have failed in the past and will fail again. Doing better means thinking differently.
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  • EP8.1: Bantering with Bannon 

    In this bonus episode, host Gordon Katic speaks with Ben Teitelbaum, author of a fascinating new-ish book called War for Eternity. He spent over 20 hours with Steve Bannon, as well as a wider network of far-right thinkers and strategists. Honestly, the things they say will surprise you.
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  • EP8: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fascism!

    Donald Trump is no longer president—the Biden era has officially begun. But it begins still reeling from a siege on the capital. As we said last week, we have to figure out how to respond. But respond intelligently. 
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  • EP6: Katichisms

    What’s the matter with Catholics? They are strangely over-represented in the conservative intellectual ranks. From William F. Buckley to Steve Bannon and many others, Catholics have long been the brains of the modern American right. On this holiday episode, we look at the Catholic intelligentsia, and the battle between left and right Catholic voices.
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  • EP3.1: Decoding Dominionism

    You liked our last episode, Pew Research Center, so I wanted to bring you more. We were just scratching the surface on far-right political theology. On this bonus episode, Andre Gagne takes us deeper. We talk through an intellectual history of the key ideas — Christian Dominionism, Prosperity Gospel, and the Seven Mountains — and its key players.
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