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Not a Safe Space: The Politics of Academia

  • EP4.1: Auditing the Auditors

    Our last episode, “the Conquest of Bread,” was about McKinsey and Co. encroaching on higher education. In this bonus episode, we put these developments in a wider context. That context: audit culture. Put simply, it’s governing by numbers.
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  • EP4: The Conquest of Bread

    You know McKinsey and Co. They worked for a company that was fixing the price of bread in Canada.  They helped on Trump’s immigration policies, but their ideas were too extreme even for ICE. We could go on and on. They have a long and sordid record as ‘capitalism’s willing executioners,’ to quote a Current Affairs article by an insider. Now, they’re coming onto our turf: higher education. So, we take a closer look. What is even is management consulting, and is there anything to the methods?
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  • EP#1: Pigeon Shit Bookstore

    Introducing Darts and Letters, a show about intellectuals and the work that they do. But it’s not just for the Ivy crowd, it’s for everyone. In this first episode, we look at populism and anti-populism
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