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  • EP2: Trump, interrupted

    We can breathe a sigh of relief with Biden’s victory, but it ain’t time to check out and go to brunch. Because Trumpism is not going anywhere. In a razor-thin election, Trump expanded his base—despite his bungling of COVID-19. In light of that, we have to accept this plain fact: Trump is more popular than we thought, and to more people. And again, the DNC, the pollsters, and elite media establishment clearly missed the mark. So, what is Trumpism actually, and how can we defeat it?
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  • EP#1: Pigeon Shit Bookstore

    Introducing Darts and Letters, a show about intellectuals and the work that they do. But it’s not just for the Ivy crowd, it’s for everyone. In this first episode, we look at populism and anti-populism
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