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Adam Smith’s Pins: Economics & Markets

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    EP11: Gaming the Stock Market (w/ Matt Christman of Chapo Trap House)

    For a moment, all the eyes of the world were on GameStop. It’s unexpected, meteoric rise. It’s inevitable fall. The saga became a rorschach test for our politics. Was it a revolutionary moment, the many pushing back against the few? Was it an old school pump and dump, just folks out to make some money?
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  • EP7: It Takes Coup to Tango

    We’re all still processing what just happened on Capitol Hill. Clearly, there is a mounting proto-fascist threat that must be stopped. But liberals are being rash in their response, and this is likely to only enflame things. How can we address these dangers in an intelligent way? More in the weeks to come. This week, we look squarely at the role of Big Tech. There’s a newly-formed Alphabet Worker’s Union, which could be a game-changer for labour organizing and class consciousness in Silicon Valley.
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  • EP4: The Conquest of Bread

    You know McKinsey and Co. They worked for a company that was fixing the price of bread in Canada.  They helped on Trump’s immigration policies, but their ideas were too extreme even for ICE. We could go on and on. They have a long and sordid record as ‘capitalism’s willing executioners,’ to quote a Current Affairs article by an insider. Now, they’re coming onto our turf: higher education. So, we take a closer look. What is even is management consulting, and is there anything to the methods?
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