Cited Podcast

  • #9: America’s Chernobyl (2 of 2)

    Hanford is the most-polluted place in America. On our last episode, you heard about the nuclear plant’s largely-forgotten history–how it poisoned the people living downwind. On our season finale: a nuclear safety auditor tries to get it shut down, the …

  • #8: America’s Chernobyl (1 of 2)

    Richland, Washington is a company town that sprang up almost overnight in the desert of South Eastern Washington. Its employer is the federal government, and its product is plutonium. The Hanford nuclear site was one of the Manhattan Project sites, and it made the plutonium for the bomb that devastated Nagasaki. Here, the official history is one of scientific achievement, comfortable houses, and good-paying jobs. But it doesn’t include the story of what happened after the bomb was dropped — neither in Japan, nor right there in Washington State. On part one of our two-part season finale, we tell the largely-forgotten story of the most toxic place in America.

  • Secondary Symptoms #8: “Return to Normalcy”

    The phrase “return to normalcy” has been thrown around a lot lately. It’s actually a phrase that was popularized in 1920, in the wake of the WW1 and the Spanish Flu. But, as with the Spanish Flu, “returning to normalcy” …

  • The Heroin Clinic (Rebroadcast)

    At Crosstown Clinic, doctors are turning addiction treatment on its head: they’re prescribing heroin-users the very drug they’re addicted to. This is the story of one clinic’s quest to remove the harms of addiction, without removing the addiction itself.


  • Secondary Symptoms #7: Medical Imaginaries

    Our whirlwind tour of the pharmaceutical industry ends this week. We’ve shown you the dysfunction, now we look for a better way. For some reason, the political vision is so curtailed here. Where is the manifesto for a new system? …

Cited Podcast

Cited was a documentary podcast about the politics and science and expertise. Cited ran in one form or another from 2015-2020. In 2020, we had capstone year where we created a full season of documentary programs. We also released a mini-series on how COVID-19 evolved in that first year, entitled “Secondary Symptoms.”

Our old website is currently on the fritz, but you can find our latest season of episodes here. We’ll try to get a new website up eventually, but this should work for now.

Cited showed how experts shape our world. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. In every big story, we showed you one; a researcher, scientist, engineer, planner, policy wonk data nerd, bureaucrat, regulator, intellectual, or pseudo-intellectual. The ideas are often opaque, unrecognized, and difficult to understand. Some of them like it that way. On Cited, we revealed their hidden stories.

Cited was awarded a Jack Webster Award for feature reporting in BC, and was a finalist for awards from the Canadian Journalism Association. The show’s documentary content was regularly featured and syndicated on national radio programs and digital media partners, including CBC’s the Doc Project, CBC’s Ideas, 99% Invisible, Life of the Law, Jacobin’s the Dig, the Georgia Straight, the Tyee, Mother Jones, Dissent Magazine, and others.

The work we did on Cited Podcast was a chief inspiration for Darts and Letters.