Programming Note: Darts and Letters is off. We are producing a new season on Cited Podcast, which is called “the Rationality Wars“.

Introducing: The Rational Wars (Series Trailer)

This week, we play a trailer to introduce our new series, the Rationality Wars. The Rationality Wars tells stories about the political and intellectual battles to define rationality and irrationality. Behind every definition of rationality, somebody benefits, and somebody is harmed. We ask: what does it mean to be rational?; what does it mean to be irrational?; and most of all, who gets to decide?

However, note that we’re launching this new season on our old podcast, Cited Podcast. We will be posting the first few episodes on the Darts and Letters feed so you do not miss out, but we will not post the entire season. So subscribe to Cited Podcast.





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