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EP28: Mission Critical (ft. Robert Greene II & Nick from Fred Hampton Leftists)

It’s time to go war! Culture war, that is. This time, over critical race theory. Conservatives have mobilized an attack on CRT, and Democrats have defended a defanged version of these radical ideas. Even the military, by way of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley, has weighed in. He’s all for reading and understanding “white rage” — for strategic reasons, of course. This week, Darts and Letters tries to understand a powerful set of ideas dragged into the popular imagination through cynical politicking. But we also lodge left-wing critiques, and ask: is CRT good for the left, or should we embrace a universalist politics?

  • First (@13:49), Robert Greene II is an intellectual historian at Claflin. He points out that until recently, few people outside of academia had even heard of critical race theory. He explores the origins and motivations of attacks on CRT, explains the historical and contemporary context, and argues that CRT should be embraced (at least partly) in the leftist theoretical toolkit.
  • Then (@54:06), Nick Cruse is a Fred Hampton Leftist, co-founder of Ten Demands, and board member of National RCV. He calls out the faux radicalism of the center-left in general, and Democrats in particular, arguing they weaponize black identity in the service of dividing and conquering the working class — that is, in service of neoliberalism.


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