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EP26: The French Connection (ft. Jean-Yves Camus, Matt McManus, & Joe Mullhall)

The national security state is alive, well, and growing. By weaponizing the threat of right-wing extremism, governments are building out their post-9/11 securitization projects. The far-right, however, is dangerous and does need to be stopped. But not with old strategies and tactics that have failed in the past and will fail again. Doing better means thinking differently. And that’s what we plan to do this week as we begin our first of two back-to-back episodes assessing the state of the far right and how to counter them effectively. In this episode, we focus on the philosophies and influence of the French New Right, and debate the ethics of undercover infiltrations.

  • First, (@15:05) Joe Mulhall is Head of Research at Hope Not Hate and author of an upcoming book on the global far right. He talks about the French New Right, its strategies, and the thinkers — and “thinkers” — that underwrite them including the prolific Alain de Benoist. We also debate the strategies of undercover infiltrations, which Joe employs and discusses in his upcoming book.
  • Next (@44:12), Jean-Yves Camus is co-director of the Observatoire des Radicalités Politiques (ORAP) and Associate Fellow at Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS) in Paris. He knows Alain de Benoist. He digs into the far-right theorist’s past and present, discussing his motivations, capacities, and effect on right wing thinking. 
  • Finally, (@59:20) Matt McManus is Professor of Politics at Whitman College and podcaster at PillPod. He’s an expert on post-modern conservatism, and he breaks down for us what it entails and how it shapes contemporary thinking, discourse, and politics. 


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