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EP25: The Cornish Consensus (ft. Joe Roberts of the Democratic Socialists of Canada)

As the G7 Summit wraps up in the United Kingdom, the blueprint for a kinder, gentler, more generous  capitalism is being floated. It’s being called the Cornwall Consensus. Meanwhile, in Canada, a democratic socialist organisation has popped up during the pandemic and is attracting a lot of attention. This week, we plumb the depths of the Cornish new world order, go back to the future with a look at the end of the end of history, and sort out the state of Canada’s political left.

  • Our guest (@9:34), Joe Roberts is a founding member of the Democratic Socialists of Canada and co-host of New Left Radio. He takes us through the informal agreements coming out of the G7 and how they may shape capitalism for years to come; he also breaks down leftism in Canada and the rise of the DSC as he questions whether the liberal consensus is as strong as many think it is.


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