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EP17: Pathological: The Work of Dr. Charles Smith

Dr. Charles Smith performed autopsies at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, ON. The cops kept turning to him with new corpses, and he kept claiming that these deaths were the result of foul play. He was thought of as a God in his field–few people were willing to question his work. That is until a 2008 inquiry, which found evidence of errors in 20 of the 45 autopsies they reviewed. Dr. Smith’s judgements played a role in 13 wrongful convictions. On this episode, we tell one of those stories.

  • First, Tammy Wynne was wrongfully convinced of the murder of her son, Kenneth. She spent over 13 years in prison.
  • Next, Wynne’s lawyer James Lockyer tells us the story of her exoneration and what came of Dr. Smith.
  • Finally, cognitive neuroscientist Itiel Dror helps us understand what’s wrong with expert decision-making.


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This episode received support by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research, which is funding our mini-series on the state of forensic science. The scholarly lead on that project is Professor Emma Cunliffe.

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